Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Food for Good Thought Pizza Crust Mix - Make Your Own Gluten-Free Pizza Dough [Coupon Inside!] [My Review]

I had the chance to try out a pizza dough mix by Food for Good Thought (and sold by this great company bTizzy, which sells product made by people with disabilities). And I was intrigued by doing this, because I'm usually going out to buy pre-made crusts that are frozen so I was really eager to try something that had more of a homemade flavor to it.

I went out and purchased the few ingredients needed (not many at all - cider vinegar, olive oil (which I always have on hand), dry active yeast (found some that was gluten-free) and of course, water. 

When I started making the pizza crust, I made a tiny error in the first batch - I didn't follow the water amount directions! I added a cup of water, the directions called for 1 and 1/3. But it turns out, my accident, made the crust a consistency that I could more easily work with. The second time around I though the dough was a bit too liquidy and sticky.

But here's a premiere of how things went on that first batch -

You wait for a few minutes (about ten) and soon the pizza is ready to roll out for a dough. I didn't have a pizza pan to make this so I did what I could with a cookie sheet. I was pretty proud of myself for how this turned out. Check it out!

Then I put the crust in the oven for about ten minutes. Um, I ended up overcooking it JUST a tad (my fault, it became more like fifteen minutes instead ten) but overall, check it out -

And here's the near end result -

Check it out! It totally looks like a pizza! What I liked about this is that it wasn't a messy involved process and it was fairly easy to make. I did it on a Saturday night when I knew I would have the time and energy.

Plus, I think the dough turned out to taste great. I loved the rosemary flavor and the nutty quality that the garbanzo beans gave the dough (it's made with garbanzo bean flour!). I think this was one of the more better tasting pizza crusts I have had in a while. In terms of the process of making it, I think I need more practice. Ha! But I am interested to try again (maybe with a pizza pan and different pizza sauce!) and see how things turn out.

Again I would recommend not adding as much water as mentioned in the directions (maybe a bit more than a cup of water but not so much a cup and a 1/3). My second pizza I didn't photograph because it was a little...odd looking.  But I can't wait to try this again and I highly recommend purchasing it today at bTizzy by visiting this link. Best of all, you can use my discount code for 15% off - UFANCY15

Special thank you to bTizzy for letting me try out this pizza dough. I received the above product in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Gluten-Free Food Ideas: Santa Cruz Peanut Butter Powder & My Surprisingly Positive Experience

When I had the chance to try out Peanut Butter Powder made by one of my favorite peanut butter companies Santa Cruz Organics, I was...reluctant. Peanut Butter POWDER? I'm imagining those big huge containers that you can buy in bulk at the health store, a nerve wracking container overloaded with these strange vitamins and odd things. So with great dread examined the packaging for ingredients.

And you know what the ingredients contained? Organic Peanut Powder.

No weird ingredients or overloaded additives. Just peanut powder. Immediately I started feeling pretty positive about the experience.

First taste test with the peanut powder is I added a tablespoon in my yogurt. I mixed it in with blueberries and cinnamon (with vanilla Chobani yogurt!) and I have to say that I was impressed! I could have added SO much more to my yogurt, it gave it a sweet extra something-something to the yogurt. It really enhanced the experience and just knowing I had that added taste made my yogurt extra amazing.

Since first having the chance to try out the peanut butter powder, I am such a new fan. It tastes so good to add into yogurt, it gives it an ice cream type of taste to me (it helps of course that I leave it in the freezer for a while)! And I love it so much. I am interested in trying this out with future recipes, because it's more likely to blend (texture wise) with a wider variety of recipes and give it a little extra something without an overwhelming PEANUT BUTTER taste. For things like smoothies, this is especially nice. And I'm really interested in trying the peanut butter powder out with some recipes like this Apple Peanut Butter Granola.

I HIGHLY recommend you go check this out, and I am definitely going to be check my local grocery store for this.Check out the Santa Cruz Organic website for more information on their peanut butter powder by visiting this link. Also make sure you check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

And best of all I get to giveaway a package of peanut butter powder to one lucky winner along with some blogger swag! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends April 3rd. US Only.

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I received complimentary items in exchange for my honest review.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Renuzit Sensitive Scents - Make Your Home Smell Fresh! [My Review]

I love when I get the chance to try something out that makes my home smell nice! Whether it's essential oils, candles, or other scented items, I really enjoy them all! Lately I had the chance to try out a variety of items by Renuzit! I tried out three items pictured below and wanted to tell you about each of them -

Pure Ocean Breeze Scented Oil Plug In (Find out more details here)

This is by far my favorite to use. I plugged it into my bathroom and it gave it such a refreshing scent and it kind of spilled out (scent-wise) into the hallway. It was a light scent, but not so light you couldn't smell anything. I'm not overly sensitive to scents so I was glad that I could actually smell this one. It slightly vanilla scented smelling to me and it worked perfectly for me. It lasted a couple of weeks before the scent started to fade a bit and I can't wait to buy more to refresh the experience.

Pure Pear & Lavender Sensitive Scents Spray (Read more details here)

I loved this too! I sprayed this on the carpet area and furniture and it gave it such a gentle scent of fruit and slight lavender. When I came home one night it just smelled clean, and lovely and not overdone or too "chemical" smelling at all. I think this is a nice touch to add in the spring after you've done some house cleaning (or, ahem, if you haven't cleaned up and you want people to think you have!).

Water Blossom & Cucumber Cone (Read more details here)

I wasn't too impressed with this because I couldn't smell a thing! I feel like maybe if you have a strong sensitivity to these kinds of room deodorizers this one is for you. Or maybe I didn't use it right but when I got this undone and I left it in the bathroom, I swear I didn't smell a thing.

Of the Renuzit scents, I would say the Renuzit Sensitive Scent plug in and room spray were by far the best. And I can't wait for you to try some out too! Enter to win three products coupons for free Renuzit scents. Ends March 25th. US Only.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gluten-Free for Dinner - Spicy Gluten-Free Pasta Sauce - Costantino's Kitchen [My Review]

I am such a huge fan of pasta dinners and couldn't wait to take the opportunity to try a brand new sauce for spaghetti night! Are you looking to try a new pasta sauce? Well if you are, I found one you should really take a look at, it was so delicious.

I had the chance to try out pasta made by Costantino's Kitchen. Their history begins in Italy with the matriarch of their family Angie Mariani Costantino who taught her grandson how to make these delicious sauces. Great care is taken when making these tasty sauces and I am so happy to hear about their Italian roots! Read more about their company history here.

I had the chance to try out their Arizona Arrabbiata. I'm a huge fan of this sauce and I had it for my weekly spaghetti night - just take a look at that tasty dish -

pasta sauce

I love the ingredients list as well. Check out it out -

Ingredients: San Marzano Style Tomatoes
(vine-ripened plum tomatoes, tomato juice,
fresh basil, salt, naturally derived citric acid),
Tomato Puree (vine-ripened tomatoes, salt,
naturally derived citric acid), Fresh Onions,
JalapeƱo Peppers, Italian Extra Virgin Olive
Oil, Fresh Carrots, Fresh Garlic, Lemon Juice,
Red Wine Vinegar, Spices, Mediterranean
Sea Salt, Crushed Red Pepper, Black Pepper

(Ingredients list obtained from

Although there was a spiciness to the Arizona Arrabbiata it also had a mild sweet tinge to it and it was so dark rich red! I LOVED IT and I plan on purchasing more. I love that it was thick and rich sauce. I really don't like when I recognize pasta sauce as watery, I'm not a fan of watery pasta sauce. I added a little bit of meat into the sauce just for some flavor too and used gluten-free noodles. So good! (Purchase now)

Pricing, I don't think it's too bad. It's $24.99 for a 3-pack. It's maybe a bit more expensive than what I would usually spend but not by much and let me tell you it's absolutely worth it. Hopefully you can find this amazing sauce in stores though. Visit this link to find out where you can buy a jar. One huge plus is that shipping is free, so if you can't find it in stores, definitely purchase some pasta sauce with Costantino's Kitchen.

Purchase your pasta sauce by following this link. Also stay up to date with their happenings, by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.